Terrell Headen

Microsoft Corporation

Terrell Headen is a passionate and  experienced leader and professional in Information Technology and Security. He has more than 20 years experience providing subject matter expertise to small businesses, mid-large enterprises and government agencies. As a small business owner he lead a team of engineers that focused on bridging the digital divide in charter schools through government funded grants, bringing state-of-the-art technology to charter schools and small businesses – transforming a 75,000 square foot former T-shirt factory into a multi-million dollar School for the Arts and a 30,000 square foot former grocery store into a premier medical center with technology unparalleled in the region. 


Terrell has been at Microsoft for 8 years, supporting some of the world’s largest organizations as they move to achieve more in their Digital Transformation with Microsoft Cloud Technologies across the globe. As a Customer Experience Engineer, analyzing market signals, partnering with software developers, product marketing teams, developing engineer product depth and readiness, or simply collaborating with design teams to build feature sets, he is a respected thought leader that delivers powerful insights to any discussion. As a mentor and coach he has sponsored and championed the goals of others to become full-time employees, engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs. He’s a community leader that is dedicated to volunteering in the not-for-profit space with organizations like the Red Cross, Wisdom to Believe, Jordan Institute, and more offering technical resources, his technical expertise, and time.