Garney Davis Jr.

Apostle Dr. Garney Davis Jr. is a wonderful, kind, and loving Servant Leader endeavoring to do and become what God created him to be. Apostle Davis believes that the great commission is a charge to every believer. Make Disciples! He believes the church exists for the community to make known the manifold wisdom of God and to convey His love. After all, the church is simply a family of families, which makes the COMMUNITY.  Apostle Davis is the youngest of eight siblings. His mother passed away when he was four years old and his father which he knew of, but didn’t know passed when he was 15. This created a passion for God in his youth. By age 23, Apostle Davis buried both brothers making him the “Big Brother” to his five sisters. Apostle Davis recently united in Marriage to Latricia Davis June 30, 2017. They have six children. Apostle Davis received his Ministerial License in 2003 and was Ordained in 2005.

Apostle Davis was consecrated to the office of Apostle by the laying on of hands in 2017.  Apostle Davis received his Doctorate in 2020, Master 2014 from the International Police Fire Chaplains Bible College & Seminary in Detroit, MI. After serving 14 years as a United Auto Workers of America Local 846 Chaplain and Community Service Chairman for American Axle & Manufacturing. In 2006, Apostle Davis began his Apostolic Ministry serving in Uganda, Africa and Soweto, South Africa training men and women to be chaplains and strengthening churches. In 2010 Apostle Davis saw the disconnection between the church and the community which ignited a passion to support families during traumatic life changing experiences. Apostle Davis volunteered four years at Erie County Medical Center as a Trauma Chaplain before being employed and now serves as the Director of Pastoral and Spiritual Care. Apostle Davis is trained to assist all Law enforcement and First Responders domestic and international. Apostle Davis serves as the Ecumenical Chair for National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS of Buffalo since 2013. Apostle Davis is also a Disaster Action Team Member (DAT) for Greater Buffalo Red Cross since 2009.

In December 2013 Apostle Davis founded IMPACTING LOVE Global Ministries and CEO and President of IMPACTING LOVE, INC. where he serves as Senior Pastor. Apostle Davis served 32 years under two ministries before being released to do what God called him to do. Currently, Apostle Davis also holds ranking of Chief, for the International Police Fire Chaplains Association First Responders where he oversees all Chapters on the East coast.  Apostle Davis is dedicated to serving the church and community. He serves on the Life Line Foundation Board, City Wide Crusade Organization Board, Buffalo Peacemakers Advisory Committee, and Crime Stoppers of Buffalo.

Apostle Davis believes that the church should serve as a refuge to and for the community. Apostle Davis also believes that true ministry is ministering to the WHOLE man, Spiritually, Socially, and Economically. Apostle Davis encourages other community Leaders and Pastors to come outside the four walls of their Temples, Churches, Mosque and go to the broken, hurting, and loss to convey and display God’s LOVE. Apostle Davis is fearless when doing the work God has given him. He says, “Fear is the misuse of our imagination.” Apostle Davis in 2014, hosted “The 99 Project” where 1812 souls came to Christ and in 2019 hosted “Reset for My Glory” prayer gathering in side of minor league baseball field in Buffalo, NY.

Apostle Davis is a testimony of God’s Grace and Mercy. Apostle Davis’ favorite saying: I’m just a Son, with a Servants Heart.