Meredith Dean

Meredith Dean’s extensive journalism background working for CNN, Fox, CBS and Ryan Seacrest Studios has made her a powerful content creator & bridge builder with diverse audiences. As a female entrepreneur, she started The Dean’s List, her own digital branding and career consulting company in 2015 in her tiny NYC apartment. Meredith’s 9-5 and 5-9 jobs have helped her become one of Charlotte’s 30 under 30, UGA’s 40 under 40 Leaders, and a versatile content creator with an unmatched network.

TDL helps professionals & public figures achieve their offline dreams by enhancing their online presence through stunning personal websites & social media. They also build authentic community through their DEI-focused events, including Dean’s List Dinners, Mentor Meetups, EmpowerCon and the 20 other 20 Awards for all walks of life to authentically connect.

A portion of profits go to Habitat Aid Initiative, her family’s nonprofit, which builds sustainable communities, girl, schools and wells in the Western Kenya area. Meredith’s mission is to help young professionals in the competitive job market, empower everyone, and to bring client’s stories to life in a digital format.